Welcome To My New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I used to write over at Home Sweet Homestead, which started back in 2010. It was a place I began posting recipes, so my grown children would be able to locate their favorites I made for them as children.

Welcome To My New Blog! - Veggies First, Then Dessert

It slowly grew into a vast array of different types of recipes, from old fashioned southern cooking, to vegetarian dishes.

I now make and post vegetarian and vegan recipes only, so I thought it was best to start a blog that embraced that type of cuisine exclusively.

Welcome to Veggies First, Then Dessert! New content will begin appearing here October 7, 2019.


April is a vegetarian home cook living with her carnivore husband. She loves creating delicious vegetarian recipes, that help multi-vore families like hers keep the peace.

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