Reader's Favorite Recipes of 2019

by - December 31, 2019

A collection of the most popular Reader's Favorite Recipes of 2019.

Another blogging year has come to a close, and there have been quite a few changes that have taken place in my life. We had two new grandbabies join the family this year, a girl and a boy, just a week apart! At the end of July I found out I had a herniated disk in my back, after suffering with excruciating pain for a month.

Then I had a serious health scare just a week later, that landed me in the ICU for two days. While recuperating I decided to retire my old blog, and start a new one that highlighted my vegetarian lifestyle. And since I've been housebound with my back, (I can't get it operated on until the springtime) I relearned my love of crocheting, a craft I hadn't done in over 40 years since I was a child.

It's been hard getting back on my feet, and each day can be a struggle, hence, no posts since November. But, I'm trying to get used to my new "Normal", and am slowing getting there.

I have lots of great recipes planned for 2020, but it's always fun to go back and see which recipes were my readers favorites from the past year. Sometimes I'm surprised at which ones get viewed and PIN'ed the most!

Reader's Favorite Recipes of 2019

{The first recipe is my most popular one from this blog. The rest are the most popular from my retired blog, since my new blog hasn't been around long enough for me to share many recipes}

These nachos are the most viewed and PIN'ed recipe on my blog so far. With everything in this recipe being vegan, even down to the cheese sauce, is there any wonder? Now your vegetarian guest won't feel left out at your next game-day gathering, when they can dig in to a plate of these nachos! I developed the recipe thanks to #OurFamilyTable

This is the one that surprised me. While I love this soup and it is absolutely delicious, I thought most people would be hesitant to try a soup made with pickles. It is one of my top five most popular recipes on my old blog though! Polish people have been making it for ages, so that should let you know how good it is. Found it thanks to the #ImprovCookingChallenge.

I adore margaritas, and very rarely do I stray from my favorite adult beverage when I chose to indulge. There is just something about that sweet/tart taste that brings me back again and again. Peach is my favorite flavor during the summer months, and when you learn how easy they are to make, they just might become your favorite too.

Creamy good ice cream that's dairy free and doesn't need an ice cream machine to make? Yes it is possible! And when you see how expensive store-bought dairy free ice cream is, you'll understand why this recipe is so popular!

I first started making this sandwich five years ago, before I developed an allergy to dairy. Don't think this would be a good combo for a sandwich? Think again! The sweetened apples are soooo good and when you combine them with savory cheddar cheese.... my mouth seriously starts watering just thinking about it. I still make it, only now I use vegan cheese and butter, and it's still just as delicious.

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  1. Happy New Year April- great recipes to celebrate your blogging return! I pinned the margarita- I know that will be made this year!

  2. I hope 2020 is kinder to you - and your surgery goes well this spring with your back. 2 new grandkids is so exciting! And so funny but I just picked up crocheting after 10 years of not doing it. I forgot how much I enjoy it, especially in the winter. It's so cozy and relaxing.

    All these recipes looks amazing, but I have to just shout out the dill pickle soup and say anyone who hasn't dried it and likes pickles, needs to try it. It's probably my favorite soup. I love it so so much!